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We get a lot of questions from our patients about the difference between manual and electric toothbrushes, and most patients want to know if an electric toothbrush is really good enough to be worth it for their teeth. Ultimately, you can keep your teeth clean using either form of brush – but electric brushes do come with a few distinct advantages.

Convenient & Effective, But Not Without Drawbacks

To be sure, electric brushes are highly effective and produce better results with less effort. Studies have shown electric toothbrushes to be better than manual at removing plaque and fighting gingivitis, and many brushes come with special features like multiple brushing modes and timers to alert you when you’ve brushed for a full two minutes. These elements make electric toothbrushes a hugely effective way to clean your teeth and they take the guesswork out of your oral hygiene routine. With an electric toothbrush, you can be almost positive that you’re getting a great cleaning every time.

However, they have distinct drawbacks, as well. Electric brushes are far more expensive than manual, and they require chargers and cases that can make travel with them difficult. Furthermore, one bad drop on the ground and it could be done for – and that’s an expensive thing to replace.

So which type is better? The truth is that it depends on the patient. Some patients will prefer the ease and convenience of an electric while others would rather have the simplicity of a manual. If you’re having trouble deciding, don’t worry – just reach out to us and we can help.

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